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Installing Alfresco Office Services

If you deploy Alfresco using containerized deployment, AOS is already pre-installed in our Docker images. Use this information to install the Alfresco repository manually, or for installing into an existing Alfresco instance.

Installing Alfresco Office Services allows Microsoft Office Suite applications (for example, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) to interact with Alfresco similar to SharePoint. This feature allows you to edit Office documents in Alfresco Share and to modify Office files without checking them in and out. Alfresco locks the file while it is being modified and releases the lock when the file is saved and closed.

  1. Install the AMP file, alfresco-aos-module-1.3.x.amp.

    See Installing an AMP for information about installing an AMP file.

  2. Deploy the _vti_bin.war file.

    For Tomcat, copy the file to the tomcat/webapps folder. When the server starts up, it deploys the WAR file automatically.

    Important: If the _vti_bin folder already exists under tomcat/webapps (for example, in the case of an upgrade), then remove the folder first, otherwise the new WAR file won't be deployed.

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