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Installing overview

Use this information to get an overview of the main stages for installing Alfresco Community Edition using the distribution zip. It is designed for users who just need a simple checklist to follow.

Only the main stages for setting up and configuring Alfresco Community Edition are summarized. These include preparing your system for installation, installing the application, configuring it based on your requirements, and finally, testing and getting familiar with Alfresco Community Edition.

Before you start, validate that you have access to the prerequisite software so you can install them in the right order. This includes a JRE, a supported database, Tomcat application server, a message broker (i.e. ActiveMQ), Alfresco Search Services, and additional components (such as ImageMagick).

Note: ActiveMQ is required when manually installing Alfresco Community Edition 201911 GA onwards. For more information on installing and configuring ActiveMQ, see Configuring ActiveMQ.

To get started, prepare your production server by installing the prerequisite software (JRE, database, and message broker) before continuing.

  1. Download the distribution zip file by accessing the Alfresco Community Edition trial download page.
  2. Generate certificates for mutual TLS.
  3. Download Tomcat and review the installation steps required.
  4. Set up Tomcat.
  5. Install and configure Alfresco Community Edition.
  6. Install any Alfresco Module Packages such as Alfresco Share, Google Docs Integration, and Alfresco Office Services.
  7. Set up ActiveMQ.
  8. Install third-party software used by Alfresco Community Edition. This includes LibreOffice, ImageMagick, and Alfresco PDF Renderer.

Review and test your setup to check that all the installation steps are complete:

  1. Start and configure your database.
  2. Start and configure ActiveMQ.
  3. Start the repository.

Use the links in this guide to see the detailed step-by-step instructions for manually installing Alfresco Community Edition.

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