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getPerson(username) returns a person object given the person's user name.


A string representing the user name of the user to return.


Returns a TemplateNode object representing the user with the specified user name.


<p><#assign myPerson = people.getPerson("admin")></p>
<p>${}: ${myPerson.type}</p>

  <#-- Get a list of all the property names for the document -->
  <#assign props =>
  <#list props as t>
    <#-- If the property exists -->

      <#-- If it is a date, format it accordingly-->
        <tr><td>${t} = ${[t]?date}</td></tr>
      <#-- If it is a boolean, format it accordingly-->
        <tr><td>${t} = ${[t]?string("yes", "no")}</td></tr>
      <#-- Otherwise treat it as a string -->
       <tr><td>${t} = ${[t]}</td></tr>

The preceding code snippet would produce output similar to the following:

admin: {}person

{}name = c0d30157-535e-4e31-b2fa-2a194ab5a8e6
{}firstName = Administrator
{}homeFolder = Node Type: {}folder	Node Ref: workspace://SpacesStore/ea0f4d70-7edf-42db-b25a-a1acf7ee70d8
{}homeFolderProvider = bootstrapHomeFolderProvider
{}owner = admin
{}email =
{}locale = en_US
{}userName = admin
{}store-protocol = workspace
{}store-identifier = SpacesStore
{}organizationId =
{}preferenceValues = org.alfresco.repo.template.BaseContentNode$TemplateContentData@2b80c6ea
{}node-dbid = 27
{}node-uuid = c0d30157-535e-4e31-b2fa-2a194ab5a8e6
{}lastName =

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