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Start Process action details

The Start Process action allows you to create a folder rule in Alfresco Share that triggers an Alfresco Process Services process. To access the Perform Action section of the rule definition, select Start Process and then click the Options button.

Start Process Options fields

  • Process definition: Select the process model from Process Services that you want to use from the drop down list. The drop down list will include the Process Services review processes and any other custom ones that have been created in the Process Services apps that you have access to.
  • Process name: Enter a custom name you want to give for the process instance when the rule triggers.
  • Additional form fields: The drop down list displays the mandatory fields contained in the Start form that is attached to the process. You can select Additional form fields and define values for them.
  • Value: Enter the desired values for the additional form fields that you selected. Values must be provided for any mandatory fields in the Start Form of the selected process. Values for other fields in the Start form are optional.

Important notes on the usage of the Start Process action:

  • To create a rule using the Start Process action in Alfresco Community Edition you must also be a user in Process Services.
  • To perform content actions in a folder that has a Process Services action rule defined, a user must be a Content Services and Process Services user.
  • The Start Process action is designed to work with "Create" events only. It cannot be used for "Update" events.
  • When creating a rule for Start Process action, the criteria for “Content of type or sub-type” must be set to “Content”.
  • Assignees assigned to an action must be Process Services users.
  • When designing Process Services processes to be triggered from Content Services, the process definition should have a Start form that contains an Attach File field named 'content'.
  • Process Services processes which are triggered from a Process Services action, and their related Tasks, can only be managed through Process Services related interfaces and not through Alfresco Share.

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