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Adding features to a site

You can add features to your site such as a discussion forum, a wiki, or a blog.
At the top of your site dashboard are tabs for areas of your site. By default you have Site Dashboard, Document Library, and Site Members. You can add additional features as needed for a site and choose a site homepage . If you look at the Wiki dashlet that you added previously, you'll see that it says that no page is configured. You're now going to configure a wiki for the site.
  1. Click Customize Dashboard icon and then Customize Site.
  2. Drag the Wiki and Calendar icons down into the Current Site Pages area, and click OK.

    Note: Take a look at (Alfresco site features) for more details on these features.
Back on the site dashboard you can see that the wiki and calendar have been added. You now have a site set up! It's time to start adding some content...
This video shows the steps in the tutorial.

Sending feedback to the Alfresco documentation team

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