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Exploring the library

You can filter which items you see in the library using the explorer panel on the left side of the library. This can help you to locate specific items in the library.

The Documents list in the explorer panel provides the following views:

All Documents
Displays all files in the library
I'm Editing
Displays the files you currently have checked out
Others are Editing
Displays the files checked out by other site members
Recently Modified
Displays files modified in the past seven days
Recently Added
Displays files added to the library in the past seven days
My Favorites
Displays the files you have marked as favorites

The Library section displays the folder structure in a tree view. The symbol indicates a library folder contains subfolders. Click on a folder to expand or collapse it.

The Categories tree lets you filter the library contents by category. Click a category to expand the branch; click it again to collapse it.

The Tags list displays the tags currently associated with one or more files. The number following the tag tells you how many files have that tag.

Tip: When you filter content using Tags view, items have additional Locate File and Locate Folder actions to show the actual location of content in the library tree.
The breadcrumb path above the file list displays your current position in the tree. Each breadcrumb item is a link so you can easily return to any part of the current navigation path. You can:
  • Click a link to return to the corresponding folder.
  • Click Navigate Up to display the contents of the folder one level higher.
  • Click Options then Hide Breadcrumb / Show Breadcrumb to hide/show the breadcrumb path.
For each piece of content (folders and files) you view in the Document Library you can:
  • Click the name of an file to display the file preview screen for that files.
  • Click the name of a folder to view its contents. You can see your current location in the breadcrumb path.

All files and folders have multiple options that are displayed when you hover over them.

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