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Installing the Document Transformation Engine SDK

Use this information to install the Document Transformation Engine SDK.
Download the Document Transformation Engine SDK from the Alfresco Support Portal.

This is an executable jar file with all dependencies that works as a command line client. The executable class is com.westernacher.transformationserver.demo.DemoClient.

To invoke the Document Transformation Engine SDK jar file, use the following syntax:
java -jar transformation-sdk-2.0.1-RELEASE.jar -in input.doc -out output.pdf -url http://trafo-url:8080/transformation-server

An API usage example is available at com.westernacher.transformationserver.demo.ApiUsageExample. You can copy, modify, and use this code in your own product.

A list of the most important file formats is available at These file formats have their mime type auto-detected by the file extension. Note that this is not the full list of supported formats.

The most important source and target formats are:
  • Source formats:
    • Most image formats
    • Nearly all Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats
    • .eml and .msg Emails
  • Target formats
    • PDF and PDF/A
    • SWF
    • Most image formats
  • Functions that do not work with the SDK
    • OCR
    • Resizing an image, which is necessary to produce thumbnails
    • PDF/A as a target format
Note: The Document Transformation Engine SDK source code is available on request. Contact Customer Support for the SDK source code.

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