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Understanding Amazon S3 Glacier retrieval tiers

Amazon S3 Glacier has three different retrieval tiers.

Expedited retrieval

Expedited retrieval allows you to quickly access your data when you need to have almost immediate access to your information. This retrieval type can be used for archives up to 250MB. Expedited retrieval usually completes within 1 and 5 minutes.

Standard retrieval

Standard retrieval provides access to any of your archives within several hours. Standard retrieval usually takes between 3 and 5 hours to complete.

Bulk retrieval

Bulk retrieval is Amazon S3 Glacier's lowest-cost retrieval type. You can retrieve large amounts of data inexpensively. Bulk retrieval usually completes within 5 and 12 hours.

Note: For more information on Amazon S3 Glacier retrieval tiers, see Retrieving Glacier Archives.

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