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Prerequisites and supported platforms

There are a number of software requirements for deploying Intelligence Services.

Alfresco requirements

  • Alfresco Content Services 6.2.2 running with Alfresco Transform Service 1.3.
  • Make sure that you've tested your deployment with non-AI transforms and everything is working.

Access to Docker images
  • A account is needed to pull Docker images that are needed for Intelligence Services.
Note: Alfresco customers can request credentials by logging a ticket at Alfresco Support. These credentials are required to pull private (Enterprise-only) Docker images from
Note: Make sure that you request credentials for Alfresco Content Services and Alfresco Intelligence Services, so that you can use the additional alfresco-ai-docker-engine Docker image.
AWS related requirements
To use Alfresco Intelligence Services, you'll need:

Important: Choose a common region that supports the Amazon AI Services that you wish to use.
S3 buckets

You'll need to create a separate S3 bucket to use with the Amazon AI Services. It also needs to be in a common region that's supported by all the Amazon AI Services that you intend to use.

If you have an existing deployment that uses Alfresco Content Connector for AWS S3, it is recommended that you create a separate S3 bucket to use with Intelligence Services.

Important: Create the AI S3 bucket in the same region as you intend to deploy Intelligence Services.

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