Alfresco Media Management 1.4

Alfresco Media Management provides the capability to transform and add metadata and relationships to your digital media.

Digital media in enterprises is becoming a core content type, from sharing video and images internally, for marketing requirements, and publishing externally. The ability to manipulate, find and store digital media is extremely important. Digital assets do not lend themselves to traditional text-based searching, so providing the ability to add informational metadata for file retrieval is key. Digital assets can be large and might also be located in silos across an enterprise and it is crucial to centrally store, re-use and share these assets to provide value and collaboration within the organization.

Media Management provides many user interface enhancements for rich media handling, including video timeline comments and thumbnails, video trimming, and image manipulation.

Media Management enables you to optimize the delivery of media to different devices in a more resource effective way.

With Media Management you have flexibility when transforming your content, either on-premise with content transformation nodes that use FFmpeg and ImageMagick, or remotely through Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Transcoder content transformer.

The AWS CloudFront publishing channel is supported to make content available outside your organization.

International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) standards support is provided with Media Management to add metadata and relationships to your content, including:
  • Full IPTC data model support
  • Full IPTC metadata extraction (both core and extension metadata)
  • Mapping of IPTC keywords to standard tags
  • IPTC metadata embedding
You can also add and extract your own custom XMP metadata, and set up rules to process your digital assets.

For more information on IPTC, see IPTC.

For more information about FFmpeg, see FFmpeg.

For more information about ImageMagick, see ImageMagick.

For more information about installing Media Management, see Installing Media Management.

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