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Manipulating images

Alfresco Media Management provides features to allow you to edit image files in Alfresco.
  1. Select an image from the Document Library, as you would normally in Alfresco, by clicking the thumbnail or name, to view it in the file preview screen.
  2. Click the pencil icon edit icon, and perform these actions to edit the image directly in Alfresco:

    • crop icon: hold down your left mouse button to select an area of the image, and click the icon to crop the image
    • Rotate clockwise icon: click the icon to rotate the image clockwise
    • Rotate counterclockwise icon: click the icon to rotate the image counterclockwise
    • Create Copy: click the checkbox before selecting either of the rotate icons to take a copy of the image. The rotated image is saved in the same folder with the name Copy of original, where original is the name of your original image. If more than one copy is taken, the name is Copy x of originalimage, where x relates to the number of copies taken.

    Each time the image is edited, it is stored as a new version of the original image (as long as it is versionable), unless the Create Copy checkbox is selected.

    You can also use the scroll wheel to navigate large images.

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