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Uploading media

Alfresco Media Management provides information and features in Alfresco when you upload a media file.
For more information about using Alfresco in general, see Alfresco content.
  1. Select the folder in the Document Library where you want to add your content.
  2. You can drag and drop images or videos, or select Upload from the toolbar, as you would normally do in Alfresco.

    You will see the image or video in File Preview. If you upload a video, the duration of the video is shown in the information below the name of the video; for example, this is the icon that you would see if the video is three minutes and seven seconds long: time icon

    A rendition or proxy is a version of the original video or image; for example, a copy of an image that is optimised for web viewing. By default, not all renditions (including video) are created after uploading. It is only when a user first views the image or video that a rendition is created.

    Creating video proxies (when viewing videos for the first time) is very resource intensive. You might experience very slow performance while this is occurring unless your Alfresco administrator has configured additional resources to process this workload.

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