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Installing the Alfresco Process Services Administrator manually

Use these instructions to install Process Services Administrator using the WAR file.
Ensure you have read the supported platforms to confirm that your web container and database combination is supported before commencing with installation.
  1. Install your web container and database.

    Note: The following steps use Tomcat and MySQL for examples.
  2. Create a schema for the activiti-admin application. The default name is activitiadmin

    In MySQL:

    CREATE DATABASE activitiadmin
                            DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8
                            DEFAULT COLLATE utf8_general_ci;
  3. Create a user and password. This example will use alfresco/alfresco

    Important: You do not need to complete this step if you use the same user you created when installing Process Services and can skip to the next step.
    In MySQL:
    CREATE USER 'alfresco'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'alfresco';
  4. Grant full privileges on the schema to this new user.

    In MySQL:

    GRANT ALL ON activitiadmin.* TO 'alfresco'@'localhost';
  5. Edit the file supplied with the main Process Services WAR file download.
    1. Uncomment the correct properties for the database you have installed.
    2. Update the values for the schema and credentials created in the previous steps and check that the hibernate.dialect property matches your chosen database type.

      For example:

      Note: Example syntax is provided in the file for other database types.
  6. Copy the activiti-admin.war and files to your web container.

    For Tomcat:

    • <Tomcat install location>/webapps/activiti-admin.war
    • <Tomcat install location>/lib/
  7. Start up your web container.

    For Tomcat:

    • On Linux or MacOS run <Tomcat install location>\bin\
    • On Windows run <Tomcat install location>/bin/catalina.bat
  8. Enter http://localhost:8080/activiti-admin into a browser to begin using Process Services Administrator.
After installing you will need to apply a valid license file to your installation.

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