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Differences between Trial and Development modes

The Docker container and Alfresco Process Services are the same in Trial and Development modes, but their use varies.

Trial mode

You can run Docker with minimal requirements. You don't need to configure the database or Elasticsearch because they're embedded. To run Trial mode type the following in the command line.

docker run -p 8080:8080 alfresco/process-services

This command starts the container on port 8080. The service should be ready in less than one minute. For more Docker commands see the Docker help.

Development mode

This provides developers with a more persistent configuration (a de-located database and Elasticsearch container) for testing Alfresco Process Services apps. To use them go to the aps-docker-library repository and follow the instructions.

Default user:

Password: admin

Tips for installing Docker in Development mode

  • Automatic License

To avoid inserting the license every time you start a new container you may want to mount it as a volume.

To do so you need to have a valid Enterprise license (both tenant or multi-tenant) and use the volume directive from Docker to mount it under /root/.activiti/enterprise-license/.

 '2' services:
     - "/path/to/your/license:/root/.activiti/enterprise-license/:ro" 
     - 9999:8080
  • MySQL Drivers

You can use the same volume directive to mount any MySQL driver inside the container. In this case the target folder will always be /usr/share/tomcat/lib/.

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