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Create task

Create new tasks for yourself or to assign to others.

These steps vary depending on whether you are using the minimized or expanded menu.
  1. From the Process Workspace Apps Page, select a process definition.
  2. Click (minimum menu) or click Create (expanded menu).
  3. Select New Task.

    The Start Task window appears.

  4. Add the details for the new task.

    • Name - Enter a name for the new task. You'll not be able to click Start until you enter a name.
    • Description - Add a description for the task.
    • Choose Date - Add a date using the format DD/MM/YYY, or click and select the date from the calendar.
    • Assignee - Choose to whom you want to assign the task. Leave this empty if the task if for you.
    • Form - Choose a task form.
  5. Click Start.
The new task appears in My Tasks.

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