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Installing Alfresco Process Services Workspace

You can install Process Workspace using a Web Application Archive (WAR) file or by deploying the files manually into your web container.
To install Process Workspace from a WAR file, visit the support portal and download the latest version of process-workspace.war.

Move the process-workspace.war file into your web container and restart the server.

Using Tomcat as an example, this would be the /webapps folder.

Alternatively, you can manually deploy Process Workspace into your web container using the following steps:

  1. Download the latest supported version of Process Workspace from
    Note: Located in the activiti-enterprise-releases repository under /com/alfresco/alfresco-process-services-workspace.
  2. Unzip the .tgz file.
  3. Move the dist folder contained in the unzipped folder into your web container.
    Note: For Tomcat this is the /webapps folder.
  4. Restart your web server.
Important: Note that the URL for Process Workspace will be generated from the name of the folder you deploy into your web container. To change this:
  1. Rename the folder in your preferred development environment (IDE).
  2. Restart your web server.
  3. Navigate to Process Workspace in a browser using the format: http://{host}:{port}/{folder-name}
For example, if you renamed the dist folder to process-workspace and deployed locally on port 8080 this would be: http://localhost:8080/process-workspace

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