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Installing Alfresco Process Services Workspace

This section shows you how to install Process Workspace. Process Workspace is packaged separately from the activiti-app (WAR file) in its own distribution that you can deploy. Install Process Workspace by deploying the compiled software into a Tomcat web application server instance.

You can also access the source code and build it following the Application Development Framework (ADF) best practices.

  1. Download the latest version of Process Workspace from

  2. Unzip the downloaded file.

  3. Open the unzipped folder in your preferred development environment (IDE).

    You will see the Process Workspace app structure similar to the following image:

  4. Rename the dist folder with the name you want to see in the URL of your server (for example, use process-workspace)
  5. Paste the renamed folder under the /webapps folder in Tomcat.
  6. Restart the Tomcat server.
  7. Check that the Process Workspace app runs successfully by opening your browser and using the following URL (with the folder name you chose when renaming the dist folder):


    Where localhost:8080 represents the host name and the port number of where Process Workspace is hosted.

    See Alfresco Process Services Workspace for more information.

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