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View process details and activity

You can view the detailed information about your active processes.

  1. From the Processes page, single click a process name to select it.

    You'll see the Details and Activity tabs on the right side of the page. The Details tab displays information about the currently selected process. The Activity tab allows you to add comments related to the process.

  2. Click Details.

    You'll see the information about the process.

    • Status - shows the status of the process
    • Due Date - shows the due date of the process or you can add a date by clicking and selecting the date from the calendar.
    • Category - shows any associated categories
    • Created By - shows the name of the person who created this process
    • ID - shows the unique identifying number of this process
    • Description - shows the description of the process that was used when the process was created
  3. Click Activity.

    You'll see the comments made by you and others about this process. The comments list shows the name of the person who created the comment, along with the comment text and the date and time it was made.

    To add your own comment, type into the Add a comment field.

  4. Click to close the details and activity.

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