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To enable authentication via LDAP or AD, set the following property:


In some organizations, a case insensitive log in is allowed with the LDAP ID. By default, this is disabled. To enable, set following property to false.


Next, a property ldap.authentication.dnPattern can be set:


However, if the users are in structured folders (organizational units for example), a direct pattern cannot be used. In this case, leave the property either empty or comment it out. Now, a query will be performed using the ldap.synchronization.personQuery (see below) with the ldap.synchronization.userIdAttributeName to find the user and their distinguished (DN) name. That DN will then be used to sign in.

When using Active Directory, two additional properties need to be set:

The first property enables Active Directory support and the second property is the domain of the user ID (that is, userId@domain) to sign in using Active Directory.

If the domain does not match with the rootDn, it is possible to set is explicitly:,DC=com

And also the filter that is used (which defaults to a userPrincipalName comparison) can be changed:{0}))

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