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Configuring standard reports

In Alfresco Process Services, you can add Standard reports at a click of a button. You can choose to add all standard reports at once or configure only the reports you’re interested in. For example, you can configure your report panel to isolate Task related reports such as Task overview and Task service level agreement reports, or custom reports that are based on generated reports (see Customizing reports).

To add standard reports:

  • From the Analytics app > Reports tab, click Add some standard reports now link. The following standard reports appear in your Reports panel on the left:

    • Process definition heat map

    • Process definition overview

    • Process instances overview

    • Task overview

    • Task service level agreement

Alternatively, you can also add the same set of standard reports via the Configure tab. To remove your existing reports from the Reports panel, click Reset all my reports.

Once you have added the standard reports, you can access them from the Reports panel and generate them based on the required filter parameters. If the data is available, it will be presented in graph and tabular form, depending on the report selected.

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