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Creating a single task

As you have seen from previous sections, processes are made up of individual tasks. You can also create a single task for yourself or others and assign it for completion. This tutorial guides you through the steps for creating and completing a single task.

In this tutorial you will add a single task Brush teeth and complete the task yourself.

  1. On the Tasks tab of the Task app page click the CREATE TASK button

    The New task dialog appears.

  2. Give your new task a name, and optionally a description, and click Create.

    Your new task appears in the task list, and the task details are displayed in the right-hand panel.

    Now you have created a task you can alter the details such as the assignee and the Due date, involve others in the task, add a document and add comments to be shared with other collaborators in the task. For this simple task of Brushing teeth, you are just going to add a due date of today. . Click Due date.

    A date chooser drops down.

  3. Click Due today.

    The Due date now has a timer displayed showing the number of hours before the end of the day. Many fields displayed in Alfresco Process Services can accept user input when you click on them. The Assignee field the task is another example.

  4. When you’ve brushed your teeth, click Complete in the task details area.

    The task is removed from the open task list.

  5. By default, your task list displays only open tasks. That is why you no longer see the task you just completed. For completed tasks click the COMPLETED TASKS filter in the right-most column of the Tasks tab.

You have created and completed your first single task and used some of the filtering capabilities of the Task app.

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