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Creating your first app

You create an Alfresco Process Services process app to group together a number of processes to make them available to yourself or other users. An app is the container for handling a group of published processes and deploying them to a Process Engine. This tutorial leads you through the steps required to create and use an app containing a single process.

This tutorial uses the process model created in the Creating your first process tutorial.

  1. Go to App Designer > Apps tab, and click Create App.

    The Create a new app definition dialog appears.

  2. Enter a name for your app and click Create a new app definition.

    Use the name My First App for this tutorial.

  3. Choose an icon and theme for your new app tile.
  4. Click Edit included models and select a process(s) of your choice. In this case, select the published model from the Creating your first process tutorial.
  5. Click Save, and select the Publish check box in the Save app definition dialog to save and publish your app.

    Publishing an app makes it available to everyone you’ve shared it with.

  6. You can now add the app as a tile on your landing page.
    1. On the landing page, click on the last tile labeled with a + (plus) icon. The Add app to landing page dialog appears.
    2. Select My First App from the list of published apps and click Deploy.

      A new app tile is added to your landing page.

Your app is now deployed and ready to be used.

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