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Generate document task

The Generate document task generates a document in Word or PDF format and stores the reference to the document as a process variable. The document is based on a (Word) template that describes how the document needs to be rendered, using process variables and various constructs (such as if-clauses and loops).

See Document Templates in the Developing section for how to modify the template for the Generate document task.

A Generate document task appears as a rounded rectangle with a document icon on the top-left corner.

Property Description


A unique identifier for this task element.


A name for this task element.


A description of this task element.


The template which is used to generate the document. It can be uploaded as part of the process definition, or can be defined company-wide by an administrator and reused by multiple process definitions.

Output format

The document output format will be either PDF or Word.

Document variable

This is the process variable in which the reference to the generated document is stored.

File name The name of the document that will be created by the task.
Additional data source names A comma separated list of data sources the document will use as the source of the expressions.
Additional data source expressions A comma separated list of expressions to be included in the document.

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