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Installing the Process Services App

Use these steps to install the Process Services application, activiti-app.

  1. Install your web container and database.

    These instructions use Tomcat and MySQL as examples.

  2. Create a MySQL schema.

    The default name is activiti.

    For example, in the MYSQL utility, issue the following:

    create database activiti
    COLLATE utf8_bin;
  3. Copy the activiti-app WAR file into your web container.

    The default application name is activiti-app. If you change this name, you must update the configuration to the correct context root.

    For example, for Tomcat, copy the activiti-app.war to the webapps folder.

  4. Edit the properties in the example provided with the WAR file.
    1. Uncomment and modify JDBC details as necessary for your type of database and the schema to be used.
    2. Modify the contentstorage.fs.rootFolder to specify a location for file content to be stored.
    3. Modify the to specify a location for the search and analytics indexes.
    4. Copy the file onto the container classpath, for example the <Install>/tomcat/lib folder

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