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Using the Share Connector

The Share Connector enables you to start and run Alfresco Process Services processes, and tasks in an Alfresco Share environment. You can create process definitions in Alfresco Process Services, and deploy them to Share.

Important: The Share Connector is deprecated and no longer supported in Alfresco Content Services 6.0. Existing deployments are supported throughout the life cycle of Alfresco Content Services 5.x. Deployments should now use the Application Development Framework (ADF).

Installing Share Connector changes the standard workflow and task management to access the processes and tasks by default, however you can still use the standard Share workflow capabilities.

After you have installed the Share Connector on an Alfresco Content Services system, the following new features are available:

  • The Alfresco Process Services user interface for working with processes and tasks embedded in Share.

  • A Review Process app displayed in the Alfresco Process Services user interface that includes the following pre-defined process definitions:

    • Ad hoc Task

    • Group ad hoc task

    • Review and Approve - Group

    • Review and Approve - Single person

      The four processes are already deployed to Share. When you start a workflow in Alfresco Content Services, you can choose from any of the pre-defined processes.

  • Capability to add native Share users when selecting people and documents in a workflow.

  • A new option in Share to add a new My Tasks dashlet to your home dashboard. This dashlet shows tasks created using the Share Connector. You can filter the tasks shown by: Active Tasks, Completed Tasks, Tasks Due Today, Tasks Assigned to Me, Unassigned (Pooled Tasks), and Overdue Tasks.

  • Options to create workflows when initiating a workflow on a document in Share, or from the My Tasks dashlet.

  • The old Alfresco My Tasks dashlet, so you can still see the old internal workflows and receive new site invitations.

  • The old Alfresco My Tasks page by clicking My Workflow Tasks on the new My Tasks page, so you can still work with your old internal tasks.

  • The old My Workflows page by clicking Workflows I’ve started on the new Processes page, so you can still work with your old internal workflows.

  • The Workflows panel on the Document details page listing both internal and external workflows.

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