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Starting your first process

You start a process from the Processes tab of the Task app page. In this section, you are going to start and monitor the process you designed in the previous tutorial. To start the process, first add a process to an app and deploy that app deployed.

The following steps use the process model created in the Creating your first process tutorial, and the corresponding app created and deployed in the Creating your first app tutorial.

  1. Go to the Task App > Processes tab, and click Start. button

    The form you created in the Creating your first process tutorial is displayed. . Fill in the details on the form, and add any documents you need, and click START PROCESS.

    You are returned to the Processes page, which displays the process list with the process that you just started.

    On the Processes page, you can view running processes and see the current and completed tasks. You can also add comments that are available for anyone involved in the process.

  2. Now that you have started the process, you should complete the tasks you defined in it. Go to the Tasks tab.

    The first step in the process is a task to review the project, and accept or reject it. Remember that when you created the first step in Step Editor, you specified that the task should be assigned to the process initiator. Since you started the process, you are the process initiator and this task is assigned to you.

  3. Click Show Details or Show Form.

    At this stage you can add people, documents, and comments to the task.

  4. Click Show Form to return to the form and then Accept.

    The Review Project task is complete and a new task, Update Project List is displayed. You defined this as a choice step in Step Editor, if the user choice was to accept the project.

  5. Click Complete to go to the next step.

    The task that shows the details of the accepted project is displayed.

  6. Click Complete.

    You have now completed all the tasks in the process and there are no tasks displayed for you in the Tasks tab. Now, if you click on the Processes tab, you’ll not see any running processes.

You have started your first process, performed the tasks assigned to you in that process, and completed a process successfully.

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