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Step editor

The Step Editor guides you through creating a business process through a sequence of simple steps. The processes you create using the step editor do not exploit the full power of BPMN 2.0 like those created by the BPMN editor, but you can use it to design both simple and quite complex process models, without knowledge of BPMN 2.0.


The editor has a menu bar with buttons to save your model, validate that the model is a complete BPMN 2.0 model definition, provide feedback to the Alfresco Process Services team, and to close the editor.

When you open the step editor on a new process definition, you can see the first step, the Process start step is already added to the process diagram for you. When you mouse-over a step, the stop becomes click-able. Click on it, and the details of the step are displayed and can be edited. This design principle is reflected throughout the Alfresco Process Services app. You can mouse-over and click text areas to modify their content, and variables to change their values. So for the Process start step, you can click on the single Process trigger variable and choose the trigger type:

The editor will guide you in creating your process. For example, when a form is required, it will present you with a list of existing forms and provide you with a button to create a new form.

Below the last step in a sequence, there is a + (plus) icon. Click on this to add a step to your process.

You can move steps around in your process Click in the top-right of the step and the step will be outlined in green, and the + icons will change to green discs.


Click the green disk at which you want your highlighted step to move, and the step is moved to that position in the flow:


In addition to the Process start step, there are five types of step you can add to your process.

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