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Tenants tab

Use the Tenants tab for creating new tenants, and modifying existing tenants.

By default, the details of the currently selected tenant are displayed. You can edit the name of the current tenant and configure various settings as follows:

  • Logo - Add or update your existing logo.

  • Events - A log of management events for the tenant.

  • Alfresco repositories - Configure your on-premise repositories. See Create Alfresco repository.

  • Endpoints - Configure your RESTful endpoints and Basic Authentication for endpoints.

  • Data sources - Register your data sources for using in Data Model.

  • Document templates - Upload a Microsoft Word (.docx) file that can be used as a template in processes.

  • Email templates - Create new custom email templates, view or edit the existing templates (both standard and custom). For information on creating custom templates, see Custom email templates.

  • Config - Configure settings for Box metadata support, validate decision table expressions, and enable or disable the option for involved users to edit forms. In addition, you can define the minimum length for the password, and the date format for forms (for example, D-M-YYYY).

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