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Using Administrator application

Use the Administrator application to perform basic administration functions in Alfresco Process Services. For example, you can inspect the state of Process Engines, delete an app, view when an app was deployed, or monitor clusters.

The Administrator application has the following tabs:

  • Apps - Use for deleting apps, redeploying an app to another cluster, and downloading apps.

  • Deployments - View the current deployment and its content such as process definitions, deploy time, tenant information and so on.

  • Definitions - View process definitions and their related instances.

  • Instances - View running or completed process instances for each process definition. You can also see related information for each process definition, such as, tasks, variables, subprocesses, jobs, decision tables, and forms information. In addition, you can download binary process data for troubleshooting process issues.

  • Tasks - View tasks information and perform actions on them, such as edit, assign/claim, delegate, complete tasks. In addition, you can view task forms, sub tasks, variables, and identity links for a particular task.

  • Jobs - View the current job details based on its Process Instance ID, due date, and Job Id. Exceptions are displayed if the jobs failed to execute (For example, if a mail server could not be reached).

  • Monitoring - Enables you to monitor the cluster information.

  • Configuration - Add and configure cluster information. See Cluster configuration and monitoring for more information.

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