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Classification life cycle

Users with the required security clearance and file permissions can classify and reclassify files, records, folders, and categories.

1. Alfresco Administrator creates security controls in the Alfresco Admin Tools (Security Controls > Configure) - the classification security group is predefined.

Create security groups

2. Alfresco Administrator assigns security clearance level to a user in the Alfresco Admin Tools (Security Controls > Assign).

Set security clearance

3. You are given or already have the site and file permissions needed to edit files/records.

Set site role

4. Select to classify a file, record, folder, or category.

Classify option

5. Selects security classification and/or security marks.

Classify file

6. The classified item is only seen by those with the required security clearance.

Classification label

7. You can reclassify the item as required, following the Downgrade Schedule or Declassification Schedule where appropriate.

Edit classification

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