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Filing records

Filing records is the process of classifying records and putting them into the correct location in the File Plan.
There are three ways that you can create records:
  • Create a record by uploading files
  • Create a non-electronic record that references a physical record such as a paper record or microfilm
  • Select an item in another Alfresco site (non-Records Management) and declare it as a record
Note: You can also import folders, categories, and even entire File Plans, and any records that they contain, see Exporting and importing File Plan content.

Your Alfresco administrator can also set up your system so that emails to specified addresses are captured and stored as records

A record is not considered to be complete until all the required metadata has been added to it. You select Edit Metadata to complete required metadata.

In DoD 5015.2-STD compliant Records Management sites you can also select to Add Record Metadata and associate the file with a record type, so that when you edit metadata there is type-specific metadata to add.

Once that's done you can select to Complete Record and it will be subject to the retention rules that apply to the folder you've placed it in.

Note: When you set up a record category or folder you can specify that it will be used to hold Vital Records. A vital record must be reviewed on a periodic basis, as defined on the record category or folder.

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