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What's new in Governance Services

Read about the latest features in this release.

Records Management and Security Controls are now features of Alfresco Governance Services.

Automatic classification with Classification Guides

Classification Guides contain instruction templates so that you can quickly and easily classify content. Each classification guide is made up of topics that contain instructions. If these instructions are selected when classifying a piece of content, it is automatically classified according to those instructions. This gives you more control over how your content is classified. See Creating classification guides.

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Classify folders and categories

You can now classify not just records and files, but also standard folders in an Alfresco Share site, and record folders record categories. Classification is done in exactly the same way. Contents of a classified folder, record folder, or category can only be navigated to by those with the required security clearance, even if the contents themselves haven't been directly classified. They can still be viewed by people who have a shared URL.

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Governance Services REST API

The REST API lets you manage the File Plan and its components from your own applications.

It gives your application access to file plans, records, record containers, transfers, the Records Management site, and more. Response and request bodies are all specified with simple JSON. See Governance Services APIs.

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