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Filing a report

Whenever a record or folder is transferred, added to a hold, accessioned, or destroyed, you can file a report to keep a record of the process.
When you file a report it's filed as a record which you can then complete and process as with any other record.
  1. In the File Plan hover over a destroyed folder or record, or a folder or record awaiting transfer or accession completion, and click File Report.

    Note: Records and folders waiting for transfer and accession completion are stored by default in the Transfers area in the explorer panel. Records on a hold are stored by default in the Holds area in the explorer panel.
  2. Reports are filed by default to the Unfiled Records area of the File Plan. To select an alternate location deselect the File report to 'Unfiled Records' option and choose a different destination folder.

    Note: As with all records you must select a folder, not a category, to file the report to.
  3. Click File Report.
The report is filed as an incomplete record in your selected destination.

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