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Adding new roles

There are five default Records Management roles, but you can add as many more as you need.

  1. Click Define Roles in the RM Admin Tools.
  2. Click New Role.

    The New Role page displays all available capabilities, which are organized into groups. You can choose individual items or an entire group to define the categories for the role you're creating.

  3. Enter a name for the role.
  4. Select the capabilities that you wish to apply to the role.
    1. To select an individual capability within a group, click the check box.
    2. To select a group of capabilities, click Select All.

      For example, to select all capabilities for controlling folders, click Select All for the Folder Control group.

    Note: A new role should at a minimum be given the View Records capability so that it can at least view records in the File Plan.
  5. Click Create.
The new role displays in the list of available roles. Now you can add users and groups to the role.

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