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Search record type field options

If you select to Insert Field for a search, then the following fields are available if you select a Web Record, Scanned Record, PDF Record, or Digital Photograph Record field.
Note: These options are only available in DoD 5015.2-STD compliant Records Management sites.
Record type Special type name Description
Scanned records dod:scannedFormat Image Format
Scanned records dod:scannedFormatVersion Image Format Version
Scanned records dod:resolutionX Image Resolution X
Scanned records dod:resolutionY Image Resolution Y
Scanned records dod:scannedBitDepth Scanned Bit Depth
PDF records dod:producingApplication Producing Application
PDF records dod:producingApplicationVersion Producing Application Version
PDF records dod:pdfVersion PDF version
PDF records dod:creatingApplication Creating application
PDF records dod:documentSecuritySettings Document security settings
Digital photograph records dod:caption Caption
Digital photograph records dod:photographer Photographer
Digital photograph records dod:copyright Copyright
Digital photograph records dod:bitDepth Bit Depth
Digital photograph records dod:imageSizeX Image Size X
Digital photograph records dod:imageSizeY Image Size Y
Digital photograph records dod:imageSource Image Source
Digital photograph records dod:compression Compression setting
Digital photograph records dod:iccIcmProfile ICC/ICM profile
Digital photograph records dod:exifInformation EXIF information
Web records dod:webFileName Web file name
Web records dod:captureMethod Method of capture
Web records dod:contentManagementSystem Content management System
Web records dod:webPlatform Web platform
Web records dod:webSiteName Web site name
Web records dod:webSiteURL Web site URL
Web records dod:captureDate Date of capture
Web records dod:contact Capture contact