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What's new in Alfresco Records Management

Alfresco Records Management just got a whole lot simpler and smarter.

We've made lots of improvements to the latest version of Records Management including extended hold support, new compliance options, additional options for organizing the File Plan, improved rule creation, new supported languages, and more.

Improved hold support

Putting records on hold can be a highly complicated and sensitive issue, especially if related to legal or HR issues. New functionality means that instead of freezing individual records, you can now set up multiple hold 'containers' that you add records to based on the specific requirements.

For example, you could set up a hold specifically for internal disciplinary issues, add any relevant employee records, and even set permissions on that hold so that only the users you give permissions to will know the records are on hold.

You can add records to a hold from the File Plan or from the records search, and even generate a report to see what records are on which holds. See Managing records holds.

New compliance options

The DoD compliance that's built into Records Management is a great way to structure the metadata requirements of your Records Management process. For many companies though, this level of compliance is too detailed and extensive. When you create a Records Management site you can now select to create a DoD or a Standard site. Select Standard site and the minimal required metadata means that your records can be completed much more easily. See Creating the Records Management site.

Smart unfiled records

You can now create full folder structures in the Unfiled Records area, letting you organize potentially longs lists of unfiled records. There are also new options available to move and copy unfiled records. All this means that you can easily set up rules for unfiled records, giving smart automization to the process of filing records. See Managing unfiled records.

Simpler rule creation

When setting up rules you can select new actions including File to, Move to, and Copy to, and as you type a destination location suggestions are made based on existing locations or record metadata. You can also select for new locations to be automatically created by rules, meaning that you can automatically create a dynamic File Plan structure based on record metadata. See Creating a rule.

Improved in-place records

Previews and actions are available for records that were declared from a non-records management site, in their originating site. See Declaring an in-place record from an external location.

Variable destruction levels

When you set up the destroy steps for a disposition schedule you can select for records to be completely destroyed, or you can choose to retain their metadata. See Creating disposition schedule steps.

Available in more languages

Now supported in Russian and Brazilian Portuguese.

See what we've been up to, and follow our latest updates at Alfrescodocs.