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Adding search results to a hold

Users with the appropriate capabilities can add records and folders to a hold. A hold allows objects on hold for a particular reason to be tracked as a set. Holds prevent changes to on hold objects, which have their retention schedules suspended until the hold is removed. When you add a folder to a hold, all records within the folder are also added to the hold.
  1. Click the Records Search Results tab to view the search results.
  2. Select search results then click Add to Hold.

    The Add to Hold screen displays.

  3. Select one or more holds and click OK.

    A message displays confirming that the record or folder is on hold.

    Note: If no holds have been set up in the Holds area then the screen will be empty. Records and folders remain on hold until they have been removed from all holds they're added to.
The selected records and/or folders remain in their place in the File Plan. They are also shown in the Holds area of the explorer panel.
Note: To remove a record from a hold hover over it in the File Plan or the Holds area and select Remove from Hold.