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Adding users and groups to a role

Adding users and groups to a role gives them permission to use the level of Records Management functionality that role has been given.
  1. Click Users and Groups in the Records Management Console.

    All existing roles are displayed. When you click on a role the groups and users assigned to that role are displayed.

  2. Locate the role you want to add groups or users to and click on it.

    Existing groups and users assigned to the role are displayed.

  3. Click Add next to Groups or Users, depending on which you want to add.

    The Add User or Add Group page displays.

  4. Enter a search term and click Search.

    All users or groups matching your search are displayed.

  5. Click Add next to the user or group that you want to add to the role.

    The new group users is added to the role.

    Note: You can remove a group or user from a role at any time by selecting them and clicking Remove then Yes to confirm.