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Managing records

There are various options available to help you manage record. These are available to users with the appropriate capabilities.
In the File Plan hover over a record to display the available actions. The standard actions available are shown. Additional options are available dependant on the stage a record is at in the disposition schedule. See the relevant topics for further details.

Action Select this to...
Download Download the file to your computer.
Edit Metadata Edit the metadata for the record.
Complete Record Declare the file as a record. All required metadata fields must be complete. When you declare the file as a record, this action toggles to the Reopen Record action.
Reviewed Marks a vital record as reviewed.
Reopen Record Revert the item back to an incomplete record.
Add Record Metadata Associate an undeclared record with one or more record types.

This option is only available in DoD 5015.2-STD compliant Records Management sites.

Add to Hold Hold the record. You can view on hold records in the Holds area on the explorer panel. When you hold the record, this action toggles to the Remove from Hold action.
Copy to Create a copy of the record in another location in the File Plan.
Move to Move the record to another location in the File Plan.
File to File an unfiled record to the File Plan.
Link to File a record in multiple locations in the File Plan and create a link. This gives the appearance of duplicating the record in another location, though actually there is just one record stored in multiple folders. Changes made to the record in one location will be reflected in the other locations.
Unlink Record Available for records that have been linked from another record, you can unlink the record. This will remove it from the folder it was linked to.
Delete Delete the record from the File Plan.
View Audit Log View the auditing information for this record. The Audit Log displays the activity information in a new window and has options to export or file this information as a record.
Reject Reject an unfiled record. If you select to reject a record then you need to enter a reason for the rejection. This reason be viewed when looking at the file the record was created from in it's originating site.
Request Information Request further information about a record from other users. This is only available for incomplete records.
Manage Permissions Use the Manage Permissions option to control user permissions for records.
Add Relationship Add a relationship between records such as a cross-reference or obsoleted by.

When a record has been completed not all of these actions will be available.

When the record is on hold (identified by the Frozen icon), a limited set of actions is available.

Vital records display the Vital record icon.