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Configuring SAML SSO settings for REST API using JMX beans

Use this information to configure SAML SSO setting for REST API using JMX beans. The SAML SSO beans are described here with their default values.

Example values are given. Always check the values in our own system as these can vary depending on the install method or operating system.

Be aware that any changes you make to attributes in the live system are written to the database. The next time that Alfresco starts, these values will take precedence over any values specified in properties files.
Alfresco:Type=Configuration, Category=SAML, Object Type=SAML$managed$rest-api

Attribute name Example value
$type repository
idpCertificateStatus missing
instancePath [managed, rest-api] 60 30
saml.keystore.keyMetaData.location classpath:alfresco/keystore/
saml.keystore.location classpath:alfresco/keystore/saml.keystore
saml.keystore.type JCEKS 300000
saml.sp.hideEnforced false
saml.sp.idp.certificatePath Set the path to the certificate you require
saml.sp.isEnabled false
saml.sp.isEnforced false
saml.sp.outcome.establishSession true
saml.sp.outcome.provideTicket true
saml.sp.idp.description <Identity Provider> Email
saml.sp.user.mapping.firstName GivenName Subject/NameID
saml.sp.user.mapping.lastName Surname
spSigningCredentialStatus missing
Alfresco:Type=Configuration, Category=SAML, Object Type=SAML$manager
Attribute name Example value
chain share:share,rest-api:repository,aos:repository
For the complete list of Alfresco MBeans, see JMX bean categories reference.

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