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Upgrading from connexas 4.2 to the SAP Connector

Use this information to upgrade the SAP Connector from the previous version connexas 4.2 to Alfresco Content Connector for SAP applications 5.x.

This guide only covers the upgrade from the previous version connexas 4.2 to the rebranded SAP Connector version.

Important: If you're running on a connexas version below 4.2, contact the support. There is a need to follow a sequential upgrade from any previous version to connexas 4.2 before you can proceed with the upgrade to the SAP Connector.
Important: If you've implemented any custom module or any code relying on the current SAP integration connexas, make sure to adapt the code to the new SAP Connector structure before.
Important: If you're planning to upgrade your current Alfresco Content Services version as well to the next available major version (e.g. from 5.2 to 6.x), we recommend to upgrade the SAP Connector first, then upgrade Alfresco Content Services in the second step.

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