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Encrypting passwords

Encrypt all passwords used in the by the SAP Connector instead of storing it as plain-text.
Make sure the SAP Connector is configured properly and working as expected.
  1. Go to the Alfresco Support Portal.
  2. Download the related JAR file:

  3. Create a public key and private key:

    Navigate to the folder of the downloaded JAR and run the following command to create the key pair in the current path:

    java –jar sap-content-connector-encryptor-1.0.jar init -path .

    Two files are created:

    • sapContentConnectorPrivateKey.pri (private key)
    • (public key)
  4. Create an encrypted password:

    java -jar sap-content-connector-encryptor-1.0.jar encrypt -password H3ll0W0rlD112! -publicKey ./

    The encrypted password will be printed to the console, for example:


    Since it's already surrounded by the required ENC() function, it can be copied and used as-is.

  5. Upload the private key file to Alfresco Content Services.

    To be able to resolve the password, the previously created private key (sapContentConnectorPrivateKey.pri) must be uploaded to the application server root directory (such as /usr/local/tomcat/sapContentConnectorPrivateKey.pri).

  6. Provide encrypted password.

    To use the encrypted password, paste it as a value for the required properties in the file.

    For example: = ENC(XbfE4Z112==)
  7. Restart the application server since has changed.
The passwords are now encrypted and not plain-text.

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