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Filtering the log entries

By default, the Audit page displays the last 20 entries in the log. You can filter by date and user to see a specific set of entries.
This task assumes that you are on the Audit page of the Records Management Console.
  1. Use the fields in the box at the top of the page to filter the log entries. Use one, all, or a combination of filters to customize the entries returned.
    1. In the Number of entries field, specify the number of records you want to see.
    2. In the From and To fields, use the date picker to specify a single day (enter same date in both fields) or a date span.
    3. Click Specify and type the full or partial name of the user whose activities you want to see. Click Search. Click Add to select the user.

      You must enter a minimum of one (1) character. The search is not case sensitive.

  2. Click Apply to view the matching log entries.

    Leaving the Audit page clears the fields and the results.