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Adding a new record category

You can create a record category at the top level in the File Plan or within another record category.
  1. Navigate to the File Plan and select the location of the new record category.
  2. Click New Category.

    The New Record Category dialog box displays.

  3. Enter details for the new category. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

    Metadata field Description
    Name* The name for the record category.
    Title* The title for the record category.
    Description A description of the record category.
    Vital Record Indicator* Defines whether records in this category have a review process. The Vital Record Indicator is applied at the category level and is propagated down to the record folders within that category. Note: You can also change the setting at the record level.
    Period The time period for the review cycle. The Review Period is required when the Vital Record Indicator check box is selected.
    Expression Expression contains a number and accompanies the Period field. If you enter “Week” and “3”, this would mean a cycle time of 3 weeks.
  4. Click Save.

    The new category displays in the File Plan.