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Repository SSL key stores

This section describes the key stores used by the repository for SSL.
The repository has two key stores it uses for SSL:
  • ssl keystore contains a public/private RSA key pair for the repository
  • ssl truststore contains the trusted Alfresco Certificate Authority certificate (which has been used to sign both the repository and Solr certificates)

These key stores can be stored in any location.

Update the following key store properties in the file to specify the location of the key stores:

ssl keystore
Property Description
encryption.ssl.keystore.location Specifies the key store location.
encryption.ssl.keystore.provider Specifies the key store provider.
encryption.ssl.keystore.type Specifies the key store type.
encryption.ssl.keystore.keyMetaData.location Specifies the key store metadata file location.
ssl truststore
Property Description
encryption.ssl.truststore.location Specifies the trust store location.
encryption.ssl.truststore.provider Specifies the trust store provider.
encryption.ssl.truststore.type Specifies the trust store type.
encryption.ssl.truststore.keyMetaData.location Specifies the trust store metadata file location.