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Adding portlets to Liferay

This task describes how to add the portlets to Liferay.
Ensure that the Alfresco server is started first, and then start up Liferay. Check that no errors are recorded in the application logs.
  1. Log in to Liferay.
  2. Create a new page and set the layout to one full-sized portlet.
  3. In the Add Application menu, expand Alfresco and select Share: My Document Libraries.

    Liferay creates the My Document Libraries portlet.

  4. Create another page with the same layout and add the Share: Repository Browser portlet.
  5. Create another full-sized page and add the Share: Site Document Library portlet. A message displays indicating that the portlet must be configured before use. Select the portlet Preferences option, and then select the site to which the portlet will be bound.

    Important: Each of the three Alfresco Share portlets must be deployed to its own Liferay page. There is no support for deploying more than one portlet to the same page.