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Running an action on a space

The Run Action feature enables you to run a one-off action on all content items in a space.

You maybe need to perform this action to move all items in one space to another location.

  1. Navigate to the space against which you want to run an action.

    The space header displays the name and details of the space.

  2. In the More Actions menu, click View Details.

    The Details page appears.

  3. In the Actions list, click Run Action.

    The Run Action Wizard starts.

  4. In Step One, Select Actions, select the action you want to run and click Select Values and Add.
  5. For most selections, the Set action values pane will appear. On this pane, set the desired action values and click OK.

    The action displays in the summary box of the Step One pane. To remove a user or group from this list, click Remove(Remove).

  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for each action you want to run against all the content in this space.
  7. Click Finish.