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Community resources

This section lists some of the excellent community resources that are available to help you master the Alfresco SDK.

Some community resources that are worth trying out:

Link Description
Alfresco SDK on GitHub Where you can clone the code, submit issues and read community documentation.
Order of the Bee Quoting from the site: We are an independent organization of the Alfresco community. We are here to promote Alfresco Community Edition and aggregate the best from the community for you.
Mind the Gab News, thoughts and tutorials from one of the main developers behind the Alfresco SDK.
Getting Started with Alfresco SDK 2 Great article by Jeff Potts about how to get going with SDK 2.
Alfresco SDK 2.0 Deep Dive Article that takes a look at the "behind the scenes" stuff used by the Alfresco SDK 2.0.
Ole Hejlskov's Alfresco SDK 2.0 Beta screencast Screencast showing use of the three main archetypes of the SDK in Eclipse. Also demonstrates some important features of the SDK such as hot reloading of code.