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Solr 4 troubleshooting for SSL configurations

When you have an Alfresco installation that requires an SSL configuration, you might encounter connection issues.

If Solr 4 search and/or the Solr 4 tracking is not working properly, you might see this message on the Tomcat console:

Aug 22, 2011 8:19:21 PM handShake
WARNING: SSL server initiated renegotiation is disabled, closing connection 

This message indicates that one side of the SSL connection is trying to renegotiate the SSL connection. This form of negotiation was found to be susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks and it was disabled in the Java JSEE stack until a fix could be applied.

Refer to the following link for more information:

Refer also to the following links: and

If your version of Java does not have the fix, you need to re-enabled renegotiation by performing the following steps: 

  1. Add the option to JAVA_OPTS.
  2. Add the allowUnsafeLegacyRenegotiation="true" option to the Tomcat SSL connector.