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The url object provides the following properties.
Type Description
context The page root context path (for example, /share).
servletContext The page root context path and servlet path (for example, /share/page).
uri The page URI (no URL arguments) (for example, /share/page/mylogin).
url The complete page URL (for example, /share/page/mylogin?user=test).
queryString The query string from the URL (for example, user=test&a=1).
args A map of URL argument name/value pairs.
templateArgs A map of URL templated arguments name/value pairs.

Defining the templateArgs object is an optional feature of some custom Page Mapper implementations. The Page Mapper dissects the URL and extract additional arguments from its structure as based on a preconfigured template. For example, in the Alfresco Share application, a templated current “site” argument is extracted from the URL.