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The user object provides a number of properties describing the user.
Type Description
properties An associative array of user properties.
id The user identifier.
name The Principal name (most commonly, this will be the same as the user ID).
fullName The user's full name (for example, Joe Dwight Smith).
firstName The user's first name (for example, Joe). Read/write.
middleName The user's middle name (for example, Dwight). Read/write.
lastName The user's last name (for example, Smith). Read/write.
email The user's email address. Read/write.
organization The user's organization. Read/write.
jobTitle The user's job title. Read/write.
location The user's location. Read/write.
biography The user's biography. Read/write.
telephone The user's telephone entry. Read/write.
mobilePhone The user's mobile phone entry. Read/write.
skype The user's Skype name. Read/write.
instantMsg The user's instant messaging ID. Read/write.
googleUsername User name for Google account. REad/write.
companyPostcode The user's company post code. Read/write.
companyTelephone The user's company telephone entry. Read/write.
companyFax The user's company fax entry. Read/write.
companyEmail The user's company email address. Read/write.
companyAddress1 The user's company address entry 1. Read/write.
companyAddress2 The user's company address entry 2. Read/write.
companyAddress3 The user's company address entry 3. Read/write.
isAdmin Returns a boolean. True if user is an administrator.
isGuest Returns a boolean. True if user is a guest.
nativeUser Returns the underlying user object for access to additional methods on custom user objects.
capabilities Get a map of capabilities (boolean assertions) for the user.
For example, to output text based on the current user location property, use:

<#if user.location == "Boston">
  <p>Welcome to the Red Sox appreciation page, ${user.firstName}!</p>